The proper lighting is key to any home, as the correct use of lighting can bring to life your interior décor, whilst incorrect lighting can smother it. Cloud 9 Furniture has a striking range of lighting options on display in our showroom, from classic light fittings to more unique lamps, with options to suit all types of interiors. Our lighting products have been crafted to the highest standards using the finest materials, including glass, metal and chrome.

Whether you’re looking to add some ambience with a well-placed table lamp our looking to create a bright, spacious feel with some modern ceiling lights, we will have an option that suits your needs.


  • Range of Home Lighting Solutions

  • Ceiling Lighting

  • Wall Lighting

  • Floor Lamps

  • Table Lamps

  • Reading Lamps

  • Pendant Lighting

  • Chandeliers

  • Office Lighting

  • Mood Lighting

  • Bedroom Lighting

  • Bathroom lighting

  • Living Room Lighting

  • Kitchen Lighting


Cloud 9 Furniture provides a wide range of lamps as part of our Laois home accessories, with styles to suit all homes. Choose from our range of floor lamps, traditional lamps, budget lamps, unique lamps, and more to introduce atmospheric lighting into your home and keep your space feeling cosy.

Ceiling Lights

Whether they are for the kitchen, bedroom or living room, our ceiling lights are sure to add style and function to your home. We provide a wide range of high-quality Laois lighting options including chandeliers, hanging ceiling lights, flourescent lighting, and more. 

For more information on our  lighting range, please contact us.